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Small Business

Here at The Great T Shirt Store we love American Small business!

We are small and we are family run. Joe and I both grew up in family businesses. My father ran a shoe repair shop in little Rhode Island and Joe's father a marble shop in NYC. We both remember playing at shops growing up and learning skills such as making things and customer service. I used to help my Dad for most of my youth and it shaped me. I enjoyed seeing a customer's face when they purchased their merchandise wrapped beautifully by hand. In small business its the "small" things that feel so good.


The Power of Myth

As a sophomore in High school I was introduced to this series based on Joseph Campbell's popular book "The Power of Myth". I began reading Carl Jung's Myth and Symbolism and started an interest in the importance of Symbols and Myth in our lives. I've attached two video's the first about our own life's path and following your bliss. And the second is about Star Wars and the hero's journey. 

May 09, 2016


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The Great T Shirt Store is moving operations to NYC


We’re relocating to our home Staten Island, NY

Staten Island, NY: We’re going home, due to successfully growing our business in Indiana, we are going back to Staten Island, and it’s because of our loyal customers. Staten Island, NY is our home: relocating the Great T Shirt Store will enhance the growth and creativity of our brand.

Staten Island inspires our creative growth with its old world charm, natural landscapes and neighborhood vibe; it has the right mix for us to grow creatively. We are holding an Official Grand re-opening in early September and beside sales and giveaways look to our site for new content, collections and blogs of our progress and new products. Customers will come to enjoy our enhanced presence, content and product lines.

We came to Indiana to start a business, build a brand and discover how we want to do business. We came to understand our old time principles of craftsmanship and handmade screen-prints, we discovered that we wanted to provide a brand that is esoteric, dark and sometimes mysterious. We came to appreciate the loyalty and adventurous quality of our customers as they bought from a growing company and connected to our designs. We are humbled by their gracious feedback and look forward to extensively enhancing and growing the Great T Shirt Store in our home Staten Island, NY.

Stay Tuned as we GROW and thank you for your SUPPORT

Mikhael Antone-D'Angelo


About The Great T Shirt Store: The Great T Shirt Store is a screen-printed clothing line headquartered in Staten Island, New York that focuses exclusively on locally produced hand screen-printed 100% cotton t-shirts, and accessories. Founded by Mikhael Antone – D’Angelo an arts and entertainment industry veteran with experience producing, directing and teaching film and photography, and Joe D’Angelo, an accomplished guitarist and screen-printer, the couple are out to bring a selective brand of mystical, mysterious, horror, with a mix of psychological drama and a dash of the melodic to the initiate.

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Real Screen-printing

Screen printing is a printing technique based on the historic process of silk screening where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a surface, except in areas made impermeable to the ink an exposure stencil. A squeegee is then moved across the screen to fill the open areas mesh with ink. 

The Great T Shirt Store is a "real" screen printing shop. "Real" means our shirts are printed by hand, with attention and care. "Real" means a quality experience with the assurance that a person is making and sending you your order. Real also means you can contact a real person with questions. 

The Great T Shirt Store only employs master screen printers with at least 10-15 years of experience on the rotating press. This means we see screen printing as a craft that requires years of experience and work to master. Working in NYC with shops learning from the best our experience translates to your experience.

September 04, 2015


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Dantes Inferno Suicide Tree T-shirt

The forest of suicides aka punishment for the self violent.

This is located in the middle 7th circle of hell (The outer ring is for violence against people, the middle ring is for violence against self and the inner ring is for blasphemers against god) where you are transformed into a tree and Harpies do to you as they please.

The image above is just a glimpse of what poet Virgil showed Dante in his tour through the nine circles of Hell.

For more info on Dante's Inferno, go here:

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Here is a song from underrated metal band Iced Earth (If you like the music buy it!)

April 03, 2015


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We at The Great T Shirt Store are greatly disturbed and outraged by the recent passing of the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" in Indiana. While we support religious freedom, we do not support religious freedom at the expense of LGBT community. It's shocking and appalling that this can happen in 2015.  This bill is an outrage.  We are not usually outspoken politically but the truth is that this has really gotten to us and we need to make this statement to our customers and to our fellow Hoosiers fighting the good fight from within. 

To remind you of our story, we moved to Indiana to start The Great T Shirt Store. We moved from NYC and were promised a lot of pro business laws and pro entrepreneurship support.   As Creatives, we tend more on the side of tolerance and equality.  It seems that those who oppose the bill have become disenfranchised in a place where rampant "entitled" bigotry could be viewed as the long established norm.  Bigotry is certainly getting sophisticated. 

Our warehouse in Indiana is our pride and joy and we love bringing such great products to such great customers.  However,  since the recent signing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, we are considering how long we will remain to base our store here.  We truly hope the Religious Freedom Restoration Act wil be amended to protect the rights of the LGBT community.

What we are saying is buck up Indiana, it is clear the state really needs industry, and you can't have 21st century growth, attract new business and live in the 18th century.

Thank you,
The Great T Shirt Store


January 30, 2015


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The Beyond T-shirt

Fulci lives! Released in 1981 as The Seven Doors of Death, It was directed by non other than all American Louis Fuller. When we say all American Louis Fuller, we mean all Italian, medical student/art critic turned director Lucio Fulci.

The T-shirt has the sign of Eibon and the last line from the movie: "...And you will face the sea of darkness and all therein that may be explored."







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