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April 03, 2015


We at The Great T Shirt Store are greatly disturbed and outraged by the recent passing of the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" in Indiana. While we support religious freedom, we do not support religious freedom at the expense of LGBT community. It's shocking and appalling that this can happen in 2015.  This bill is an outrage.  We are not usually outspoken politically but the truth is that this has really gotten to us and we need to make this statement to our customers and to our fellow Hoosiers fighting the good fight from within. 

To remind you of our story, we moved to Indiana to start The Great T Shirt Store. We moved from NYC and were promised a lot of pro business laws and pro entrepreneurship support.   As Creatives, we tend more on the side of tolerance and equality.  It seems that those who oppose the bill have become disenfranchised in a place where rampant "entitled" bigotry could be viewed as the long established norm.  Bigotry is certainly getting sophisticated. 

Our warehouse in Indiana is our pride and joy and we love bringing such great products to such great customers.  However,  since the recent signing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, we are considering how long we will remain to base our store here.  We truly hope the Religious Freedom Restoration Act wil be amended to protect the rights of the LGBT community.

What we are saying is buck up Indiana, it is clear the state really needs industry, and you can't have 21st century growth, attract new business and live in the 18th century.

Thank you,
The Great T Shirt Store


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*The Anvil 989/980 Mens Crew Fashion Tee  
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    •    Great fit
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    •    100% Preshrunk Cotton

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