The Dear Baby Boomers: Retire Tee

We here at The Great Tshirt Store will make our best attempt keep this one short and sweet because this subject can go on and on and on like a never ending carousel!

People know about this like the back of their hand and someone needed to make the shirt!

There are many choice words/statements used by the younger generations to describe the Baby Boomers. Here are some of them:

  • Spoiled
  • Self indulgent
  • Circle Jerking
  • Thinking they are the epitome of art/creativity and no one can EVER top them

This is a snippet from a report by U.S. Trust, Bank of Americas private wealth management wing:

Only about half (55 percent) of Baby Boomers think it is important to leave a financial inheritance to their children. Among those who don’t think it is important, one in three (31 percent) said they would rather leave money to charity than to their children.

What was just typed above seems selfish, but not really……..BUT F#%!ing selfish at the same time.

Whether or not all this is true/ partially true is up to you. One thing is for certain-----They are having trouble retiring and passing the torch.


That being all said: TAKE US HOME GEORGE!

J.D. Ringspun
J.D. Ringspun


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