The Klatuu Barada Nikto Tee

Klatuu Barada Nikto

Most people  know these words from "Army of Darkness" but the original films that those three words were taken from is the day the earth stood still (not the remake with that surfer guy Keanu)

The day the earth stood still is a 1951 Sci-Fi flick directed by François Truffaut who also directed the movie Fahrenheit 451 (which is a book you must read if you haven't yet..Guy Montag is a character you must all know about but i digress!)

Gort is the name of the robot (a very 1950s robot if you will) and that is what partly makes him/it awesome. Klatuu Barada Nikto is the phrase that must be said so Gort does not destroy the earth. We at The Great Tshirt Store will not spoil the movie so go see it! It is a late night popcorn flick classic!

Laser beam shootin' Gort!

J.D. Ringspun
J.D. Ringspun


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