The MST3K "It Stinks!" Tee

The one and only legendary god like show that was MST3K. A grass roots show that was on public access in Minnesota and got worldwide notoriety when the show got picked up by comedy central.

One of the more notable episodes was one entitled "Pod People" (Episode 0303) This is a "So bad it is good" type of movie.

The main scene (well the one that everyone finds the funniest/worst depending on which way you look at it) involves the "star" of the movies singing career.

He is in the recording studio with the worst backup singers ever, a stereotypical music industry recording engineer, and some hanger on guy with a shirt that says "Im a Virgin".

When said "Star" is done with the song he is asked if he likes the take, he smiles gives an OK sign then quickly frowns and says in all his glory "IT STINKS!  The song may or not be entitled "Hear the engines roar now" but the MST3K spoof is called (and sounds like) "Idiot control now"

Wear this one with pride MST3K fans and remember to support Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic!


And now the awesome vids!:


 Pod People version:


The MST3k Spoof version:

J.D. Ringspun
J.D. Ringspun


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