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The Freaks Tee Shirt

August 02, 2013

-lets start with the films director Todd browning you would quickly think due to making this movie that he's classified as an "Ed Wood" type.


The guy directed freakin' Dracula in 1931 and worked with Lon Cheney! Funny that I mentioned the great Mr. Ed Wood since both directors worked with Dracula himself.



Silent films:

He directed Iron Man in 1931 (No, not that Iron Man) Although this iron man is way better. It is a boxing movie...which had a dwarf, an old timey strongman and some money grubbing chick…starting to see a semi weirdness pattern here?

The star of the Freaks (among the many other carnival sideshow people) movie was none other than Schlitzie Surtees, known lovingly as just Schlitzie. The carnival star suffered from Microcephaly: a neurodevelopmental disorder that impairs the growth of the brain and central nervous system.


Right below is a pic of Schlitzie:

Why would you have Schlitzie on a Tee shirt? He represents people who are different and people who have been shunned. if you felt that all the time in your life or even once make the statement that people should be judged by their heart as well as their uses… but the joy they bring to others as well. Freaks is an awesome movie and the shirts looks awesome as well!


Browning (left) with Lugosi and others talking on the set of Dracula.


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