The Lord Humungus T-shirt


The Humungus rules the wasteland!


Ahhh yes the Mad Max movies.....starring the definitely sane Mel Gibson and inspiration for the Fallout video game series...

Lord Humungus (AKA The humungus) is a pop culture character that is spoofed many times over. The main spoof is the south park episode when butters donned the humungus hockey mask (not to be confused with the Vorhees mask) and said part of the the speech.

Lord Humungus was played by Olympic trainer Kjell Nilsson
who is now (IMDB said so!) working as a Manager for an Australian software company

Get the shirt--and we will spare your lives!!


Original speech:

South Park Butters speech:



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J.D. Ringspun
J.D. Ringspun


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